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Celebrating Success! - Nicky Marcelin-Horne, Promoted

This week we're ecstatic to announce the promotion of our very own Broadcast recruitment superstar - Nicky Marcelin-Horne!


After proving herself to be a tremendously skilled consultant with an straight-talking but addictive personality, Nicky’s success has been rewarded with a promotion to Team Leader - managing our broadcast sales recruiters as their team continues to achieve success led growth.
When asked about this promotion, Nicky said the following;


“Some people have the Monday blues. Instead, I was given a promotion. I am very proud and honoured to represent Caspian One, it been a great few years and I look forward to sharing this wealth of knowledge that I have learnt, to help and coach people to be the best version of themselves. I look forward to the future of hopefully one-day managing a division.”


After an excellent few days in the states for NAB 2018, Nicky is now preparing her team for this year’s TV Connect in London; where she’ll be meeting with contacts, clients and candidates to discuss their personal and business hiring needs - both now and long term.


To learn more about Nicky, the services she can offer or to arrange a meeting at TV Connect, connect with her HERE or on LinkedIn.
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