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London : Bournemouth


“I love having the South Coast on my doorstep and the ability to travel to our great capital to see clients at the drop of the hat. We’ve worked very hard at Caspian One to ensure you can have the earning potential and the type of career you can rarely find outside of London, but also have the unique ability to offer a flexible marriage of the Bournemouth lifestyle; London client meetings in hedge funds on the Tuesday, jet skiing in the south coast on the Wednesday.”

- Adam Vipond, Head of UK FinTech at Caspian One

When people in London think ‘Bournemouth’, the stereotypical image is usually of sixty-somethings sunning themselves whilst surrounded by hoards of summertime tourists. The reality, however, is something quite different…

In today’s article, we explore why Caspian One set up shop down south, and the realities of living in Bournemouth - but working with London-based clients.

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“Bournemouth is increasingly being recognised as one of the most significant locations in the UK digital economy outside London. Barclays are investing in the future of the town by supporting its drive to become an international Digital Hub, for Start ups and entrepreneurs alike.”

- Barclays Eagle Lab, Bournemouth [LINK]

We work in London, and well... we love London!

The city is absolutely the centre of our professional universes - but actually living in London, now that is a different conversation altogether...

The Guardian reported in December 2017 that the number of Londoners abandoning the capital had hit a 10-year high; driven by an expensive housing market and people seeking an exit from the ‘London lifestyle’.

“...I have a confession. I have recently given up London. Friends in London especially, cannot believe that people want to leave London, and it’s like a cult mentality... We made a big move as a family from London to Bournemouth which a lot of people think is a retirement home. It’s evidently not when you come here.”

- Comedian Dave Gorman, “Why I’ve given up London for Bournemouth”  LINK - to full video

At Caspian One you could say we are greedy. We want the best of both worlds… a London-esque career on the one hand, but the benefits of a coastal lifestyle on the other.

We are located in the centre of Bournemouth. It takes five minutes to jump on the next train to London - or 10 minutes to stroll down to our town’s award-winning beaches. In the week we visit clients and enjoy all that London has to offer, and at the weekends our people are out surfing…

“The great part about Bournemouth is that I can still live the London life and come back to a lovely home by the sea”

- Nicky Marcelin-Horne, Head of Broadcast Search at Caspian One

That’s not to say we’re all beach-bums; there is much more to our town than just sand and sea. Bournemouth is a vibrant part of the digital, creative and technology scene with massive tech events like Silicon Beach. In 2017 the tech sector growth potential was reported at 91% - with over 15,000 digital jobs in the Bournemouth and Poole area.

Within walking distance of our offices, you have incredible music venues, art museums, stunning gardens, acclaimed eateries and bars… you can even zip line from the pier!  Drive for just 20 minutes in one direction and you can be in the middle of the New Forest, or go 20 minutes the opposite way for Studland’s famous national nature reserve.

Is commuting into the capital a hardship? In reality, yes, sometimes it can be tricky… but no more than travelling to any location where public transport is typically relied upon. It takes us two hours to reach London. Travelling from Baker Street to Canary Wharf can sometimes take an hour in itself.

Is travel expensive? Not in the long run - primarily because we’re careful to optimize and carefully manage how our time is spent during each trip, and the company covers all travel expenditure.

Do we have to come to London? Yes and no, depending on individual circumstances - but technology is making it easier to collaborate with London professionals through other digital mediums like video, allowing for more remote engagements.

Why wouldn’t you want to be in Bournemouth?  It’s a personal preference. The London lifestyle is very appealing, and whilst Bournemouth has its ‘scene’... it’s not London, and of course, there are fewer amenities. If you hate beaches and a more relaxed city vibe, Bournemouth is not for you.

However, if you’re looking to settle down or buy a family home - prices for a three-bed property in Bournemouth sit between £200-300k versus over a million in central London, and that’s before you take into account the cost of living difference.

If you are considering relocating from our countries capital to benefit from a coastal lifestyle then speak to us, and check out LOVE BOURNEMOUTH!

Caspian One are now hiring professionals to join our teams based in Bournemouth - for more information speak to or call +44(0) 1202 979 708

Bournemouth Tech link
Cost of Living link
Video credit to Love Bournemouth

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