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Welcoming new additions!

At Caspian One, our summer meant two things. More time enjoying our beachside location... and growth within our Broadcast team - dictated by exciting new projects, urgencies from clients, the departure of colleagues and overall business requirements.

People come to us from many walks of life, some early in their careers… others looking to become better at what they already do, more focused on specific markets - and for some, a complete career change is trying to be achieved.

We encourage this diversity, believing that a wide range of life experiences can only better our company culture; helping us to better communicate, grow relationships and meet the needs of our clients.

In today’s article we welcome six new faces to the Caspian One family.

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   David Flint
> Broadcast - LinkedIn

David has his roots in Sheffield, but spent the majority of his youth living in Bahrain and Dubai. Training demands from his involvement in the British sailing squad, saw David move to Bournemouth… where he also began developing his career in recruitment. At age 21 David began his own company which he ran for many years. However, David felt that his capabilities could be sharpened further if aligned with an established market specialist, and as-such has made the move to Caspian One.

Given the chance, David would be spending his time in Hawaii - enjoying eco-focused, non-commercial and ‘grounded’ island living. In his career, David wants to bring his relationship development and empathetic rapport building strengths into his work with Equipment Manufacturers, Software Vendors, System Integrators and Resellers/Distributors across Europe; assisting them to access credible mid to senior-level industry professionals. | +44 (0) 1202 979 702

    Romuald Houdemond > Broadcast - LinkedIn

French born Rom needed a new challenge in his working career, and saw Caspian One as the solution. Being able to take earned sales skills in the consumer electronics and technology market, and use these to become a highly specialised individual working in a very specific niche market… appealed to Rom - aligning ideally with his preferences and aspirations.

Although Rom has travelled and lived in various UK locations over the past 20 years, Lisbon is his favourite place in the world; due to its friendly, relaxed culture and way of life. If money were no object he would be jet-setting from city to city in 5 star hotels, but for now, he’s focused on becoming a key partner to our Broadcasters, Media and Entertainment technology clients. | +44 (0) 1202 979 707

    Megan Albon > Broadcast -

Megan is a recent graduate of Bournemouth University, proudly achieving a degree in Production Television. After determining that a career in production wasn’t the direction she wanted to pursue, Megan started looking into recruitment - believing it would offer her the interesting, challenging and rewarding career she wanted.

Living in Bournemouth and with a background in Broadcasting, Caspian One was immediately interesting for Megan - allowing her to utilise recent educational experiences and specific industry knowledge. The capacity to live on the coast while having a ‘London career’ also greatly appealed.

Megan is well travelled, having been born in Geneva, Switzerland, living across the Netherlands as-well-as spending many years living in South Africa with her parents. A competitive drive and passion for sport are clearly evident in Megan, with her biggest successes including a National Hockey Championships win in 2016. In-fact, if money were no consideration Megan would travel the world watching all the biggest sporting events. | +44 (0) 1202 979 700

Interested in a career at Caspian One?  
You can learn more at or contact our careers lead, Katie Holdsworth on +44 (0) 1202 979 705 - email:

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Welcoming new additions!
At Caspian One, our summer meant two things. More time enjoying our beachside location... and growth within our Broadcast team. In today’s article we welcome three new faces to the Caspian One Broadcast family. Learn more >
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