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Interview Checklist: For Remote Recruitment


Despite recent events, the wheels and cogs behind the UK’s job market are still turning. A high percentage of companies have paused their hiring initiatives, or put projects on-hold; that doesn’t mean everyone has cancelled their recruitment plans...

Speaking with our clients and partners, it’s clear that many are still in need of new skills and niche capabilities - especially for business-critical urgencies and to meet demanding, project directed objectives.

Companies that are still hiring will be adding more video and remote practices into their recruitment processes (*for more on this topic, request a copy of our ‘Hiring from home’ guide).

The following information aims to highlight what candidates can expect when being recruited from home - while providing advice and a checklist to follow.

Caspian One as a company is still fully operational, with our consultants available to support you through every application, interview and onboarding step. To talk with us call +44 (0) 1202 979 700 or email

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Interview Checklist: For Remote Recruitment
The following information aims to highlight what candidates can expect when being recruited from home - while providing advice and an interview checklist to follow.
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