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United Kingdom , Europe
This known brand develops and manufactures professional video and audio equipment for various applications and is respon...
United Kingdom , Europe
This known brand develops and manufactures professional video and audio equipment for various applications and is respon...

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Telco's & Operators

Our clients range from Pay TV Operators, to Cable & Telecommunications Companies - from video connectivity and delivery, through to SDN, Video IP, and OTT services. With the growth in competition for subscribers driving change and innovation, we’re helping clients find sought after technical skill sets through our years of acquired insider knowledge and personal networks.

We recognise that candidates need to have the skills and adaptability to deal with changing markets and technologies; whether it's developing 5G networks and preparing for the IoT, or diversifying into content services, Cloud and OTT. Our insights earnt through filling thousands of vacancies, allow us to source valuable skills within tight time frames - and where a perfect candidate doesn’t exist, find an ideal alternative.

Whether you’re a middleware STB architect looking for a new contract, or you’re a Telco resourcing a Video network deployment project in Europe, we’re available to guide and support you.

Sector Areas Supported

Post Production
Live Production
Video Over IP
Content Preparation
Airtime Sales
Ad Insertion
Design Engineering
Test & Implementation
Programme Management
Project Management
Technical Design Authority
Phil Hodgetts
Beginning his career at Caspian One in 2009, Phil has worked intensely across the full broadcast chain, delivering on both contract and permanent assignments. Initially, Phil’s focus was targeted to distribution technologies, which as result, built solid grounding for his work today with Telco’s in Europe - operating in-and-around video content delivery. Phil has also worked closely alongside equipment manufacturers, product and technical sales candidates; and it’s this breadth of experience which has developed his unusual, rounded understanding of the industry’s people, products, workflows and technologies. Phil is a bright, tenacious individual who is proud of his work and loyal to the people he supports. He is also capable of identifying, accessing and engaging candidates with skills often in high, competitive demand.
Nicky Marcelin-Horne
Nicky is highly driven, motivated and genuine in her approach. She has previously worked across the full media chain in many locations, including the UK, USA, EMEA and Russia. Today, Nicky heads-up management responsibilities for all sales hiring activities and search assignments, working with mid to senior-level salespeople throughout Production, Post and Broadcast industry segments. Four years of working solely with salespeople, and a hands-on sales background, has helped Nicky develop a solid understanding of go-to-market strategies, both direct and indirect; with insights on companies along the supply chain, their histories and products, and their associated communities. Her proudest moment has been the complete build-out of European sales teams, on two separate occasions, from the ground up.
Ralph Barrett
Working with a network that spans the full broadcast community, Ralph’s focus at Caspian One - like his team lead Nicky Marcelin-Horne - is on sales professionals. Typically responsible for sourcing Sales Directors, Managers, and Executives, the majority of Ralph’s work is within video distribution technology vendors focusing on OTT, payments, DRM, security, analytics, & platforms. His clients also include companies that that deliver contribution, distribution and delivery services to media & entertainment clients. Ralph is all about communication, taking a non-assumptive, personal, yet methodical approach to recruitment. His prior career experience has provided Ralph with a window into the world of sales and taught disciplines such as active listening which help today - both in Ralph’s position as a recruiter and in his ability to relate to candidates and clients in his network.
Lee Barnett
Since 2004 Lee has been part of the broadcast, media and entertainment industries community - sharing his 20 years of recruitment experience, market knowledge and industry insights with our clients and candidates; as-well-as the team at Caspian One. Lee is someone who loves the challenge of tackling a new area or location, solving problems and finding skillsets where others have failed previously. He is able to do this because of detailed, analytical and tenacious techniques, coupled with a mature appreciation of the industry’s complete supply chain, and well-established people networks. Today Lee provides board-level input across the business; from day-to-day people management and mentoring, through to attendance of international events and trade shows, growth and direction planning based on his awareness of future technology trends, and broadcast marketing. In addition to this Lee manages a number of client accounts; believing in a personally responsible approach to recruitment, in-which expectations are managed, the quality of service is high, and deliverables are achieved.

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