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Latest Vendors & System Integrators Vacancies

100-150,000 SFr. Package OTE
Developing new & existing accounts for French/Italian speaking Switzerland
United Kingdom
A varied, hands-on and customer-facing engineering vacancy with a reputable broadcast systems manufacturer known for the...
Presales Solution Architect vacancy in Switzerland, with a large, reputable broadcast systems integrator, combining solu...
United Kingdom , Nordics
£70-90,000 basic + comission
Developing new business within Broadcasters across UK, Nordics, Eastern Europe & Middle East for a software vendor.
US - East Coast , US - West Coast , Canada
A dynamic, hands-on and client-facing engineering vacancy with a quickly growing broadcast systems manufacturer and focu...
United Kingdom
Looking for automated testing experience and embedded C/C++ development skills for a long-term programme.
United Kingdom , Europe , France , Germany
Cloud-tech-focused Presales Solutions Architect position with a large, reputable broadcast systems integrator, combining...
United Kingdom
£55-70,000 basic + car allowance + commission
Delivering revenue for a specific product line across EMEA & APAC, working with local RSM's
United Kingdom
Developing new & existing accounts across Europe for a Broadcast software vendor.
United Kingdom , Europe , France , Germany , Nordics , Benelux
Multiple Presales Solution Architect positions of all levels with a large, reputable broadcast systems integrator, combi...
United Kingdom
Shaping and delivering the strategy for this enterprise level, cloud based media & entertainment service; heads-up the v...
United Kingdom
40,000 - 50,000
An engaging Senior Project Engineer position with quickly expanding broadcast systems integrator, working with OBs and p...
Presales Engineering role with a leading broadcast systems manufacturer, working with broadcast playout systems. Open to...

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Vendors & System Integrators

Since 2004 we’ve supported software firms, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and resellers working in all areas of the media chain - from live production and post, through to broadcast, and distribution. We’ve seen first-hand the movements of people across the industry, mergers and acquisitions, company adaptations, and technological revolutions - and in doing so, have gained unique layers of insider insights and experience which we bring to our partners today.

We have a strong understanding of go-to market processes and sales channels through which customers buy products and solutions. We know the people in these channels as-well-as the end customers, and we've learnt about the technology. Alongside this, we're able to comprehend the structure of manufacturing and software businesses, integrators and resellers.

Our people are capable of accurately advising clients on the viability of their hiring requirements, plus the availability of skills - with the expertise to design and deliver recruitment campaigns and key hires. Whether you’re an international technology business growing your European Operation, or a Sales Director seeking a new opportunity, we’re have the experience to guide and support you.

Sector Areas Supported

Post Production
Live Production
Content Preparation
Airtime Sales
Technical Pre-Sales
Solutions Design
Product Management
Product Marketing
Tech Support & Projects
Bids & Proposals
IT & Infrastructure
Carl Hemsley
Joining Caspian One in 2014, my direct approach to recruitment has always been highly detailed and dependable. I believe it’s my tenacity and determination that makes me capable of consistently delivering, even when locations may be awkward, or skills difficult to find. I work now with equipment manufacturers, software vendors, system integrators, and resellers/distributors throughout Europe (particularly in Germany and the UK) and search assignments in the US; focusing on mid to senior-level technical positions within the areas of product management, product marketing, technical pre-sales, proposals & design, projects, and support. I have a broad, yet comprehensive knowledge of people and businesses throughout the supply chain, as-well-as an understanding of the customers - who they are, their histories, the products and technologies in use, and how this all comes together. It’s this knowledge which enables me to conduct highly explorative vacancy qualifications, building relationships with candidates based on an honest appreciation of their needs and skills.
Ralph Barrett
Working with a network that spans the full broadcast community, my focus as part of Caspian One’s Broadcast Technology division, is on sales professionals. Typically I’m responsible for sourcing Sales Directors, Managers, and Executives, across the full technology spectrum from video production to distribution. This is for technology vendors and service providers that deliver contribution, distribution and delivery services to media & entertainment clients. I believe in the value of clear communication, taking a non-assumptive, personal, yet methodical approach to recruitment. Over the past 18 months I have worked with sales professionals from across the entire broadcast ecosystem, learning and growing with each placement, and continuously developing my personal capabilities and community relationships.
Lee Barnett
Since 2004 I have been part of the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment industries community - sharing my 20 years of recruitment experience, market knowledge and industry insights with our clients and candidates; as-well-as the team at Caspian One. My approach is a refined mixture of market intelligence and awareness, combined with personal relationships, first-hand insights, and proven processes. I am someone who loves the challenge of tackling a new area or location, solving problems and finding skillsets where others have failed previously. I’m able to do this because of my detailed, analytical and tenacious techniques, coupled with a mature appreciation of the industry’s complete supply chain, and well-established people networks. Today I provides board-level input across the business; from day-to-day people management and mentoring, through to attendance of international events and trade shows, growth and direction planning based on his awareness of future technology trends, and broadcast marketing. In addition to this I manages a number of client accounts; believing in a personally responsible approach to recruitment, in-which expectations are managed, the quality of service is high, and deliverables are achieved.

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